Shared Management

A direct line of communication.

In collaboration with your general eyecare provider, we can easily arrange for any ancillary testing you might need.

At High Country Macula, we’re honored you’ve chosen us to be one of your care providers.

In New Mexico, and the surrounding areas, we’re fortunate to work with so many excellent general eyecare providers, so that we’re able to focus only on providing expert evaluation and treatment of the back portion of your eyeball – the Macula, Retina, and Vitreous.

When you or a loved one is referred by another Physician, we trust that the other portions of your eye, and your vision are already being well cared for. We concentrate primarily on your Retinal Tearing or Detachment, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Pucker or Hole, Age-related Macular Degeneration, or other specialized need.

In addition to Medical school, all of our Physicians have completed a general Ophthalmic Surgery residency, followed by a Medical and Surgical Fellowship in the treatment of Vitreoretinal diseases. And because we always have a High Country Physician and Surgeon on call for emergencies, we’re available to take care of your vision threatening conditions, 24/7.

In the event we find something that can be addressed by one of your other doctors, we have direct lines of communication to their offices and can easily arrange for any ancillary testing you might need, whether office based, such as visual field testing or a cataract evaluation, or hospital based, such as MRI scanning or a Carotid Doppler study.

At High Country Macula, we’re proud to be members of your eyecare team, to offer our expertise, and to collaborate with your general eyecare providers, with whom we’ve worked with now for some 15 years. The fact that we partner with your other doctors in your care has allowed us to stick to what we do best – Retina. Only and always, all day every day.

Thank you for allowing us to care for your Retina, and for you. And welcome to High Country Macula.