Preserving and restoring your vision.

Our patients and their sight come first.

At High Country Macula, we strive to ensure that each patient leaves our care center with a clear understanding of his or her condition, and its appropriate treatment options.

We know your sight is precious. At High Country Macula, we exist to help you understand, preserve and restore your vision, and to address your feelings and expectations in an ethical and encompassing manner. We care very much about your quality of life.

Our ultimate goal is the improvement of your visual function. High Country Macula Retinologists meet this goal by first assessing your condition through an in-depth Vitreoretinal examination, and when indicated, are assisted by the very latest in non-invasive OCT Angiography, Fluorescein and ICG Angiography, B-scan Ultrasonography and Color Photography. After a diagnosis is made, we then focus on stabilizing, preserving, and restoring your vision whenever possible.

Most patients who are referred to High Country Macula are experiencing severe visual problems. We commonly evaluate and treat Retinal Tears and Detachments, Diabetic Retinopathy, Macular Degeneration, Macular Pucker or Hole, inflammatory ocular conditions, hereditary retinal diseases, and ocular trauma. Our welcoming and compassionate care centers are located in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Gallup. High Country Macula physicians perform Vitreoretinal surgeries at Kaseman Presbyterian Hospital,  Lovelace Medical Center, and at PSCA, in Albuquerque, where we also assist with Albuquerque’s City Call coverage for Ophthalmology.

Studies have shown that early intervention is critical for optimal eye health, and our door is always open to patients in need. High Country’s Retinologists routinely collaborate with your general eye care provider — your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist or another referring medical professional — in a shared management relationship, a collaboration designed to improve your outcome.

At High Country Macula, our belief is that every patient who visits our offices should leave with a clear understanding of his or her pathology and treatment options. We care for our patients in the least invasive manner possible and with the most advanced technology available. Your confidence in our ethical and efficacious treatment is paramount to us.

Our primary concern is how well you see and how well you experience the quality of your life. Thank you for visiting us and welcome to High Country Macula.