Always Retina, Only Retina.

Focus. Expertise. Caring.

As a dedicated Retina-only practice, High Country Macula employs only expertly trained and board-certified Retinologists.

We understand the joy that preserving and restoring your sight can bring. At High Country Macula, our commitment to you, and to every patient, is to provide our very best care, every time we see you, and at every step of your journey.

Always Retina, Only Retina. This is focus.

Our practice focus is specific to the back of your eyeball. We treat only pathologic conditions of the Macula, Retina, and Vitreous. We’re accomplished specialists, proud that all of our physicians are board-certified and fellowship-trained Vitreoretinal Surgeons who are here for two reasons only: to help you preserve and restore your eyesight, and to improve your quality of life.

Always Retina, Only Retina. This is expertise.

Medical School is stringent, and yet it is only the starting point for our surgeons’ paths to High Country Macula. All of our physicians are Medical Doctors first, with a medical and surgical Residency in Ophthalmology, and with additional sub-specialty Fellowship training in diseases and surgery of the Macula, Retina, and Vitreous. Even though we have all trained as General Ophthalmologists, our every day work, and our entire careers, consist only of the practice of Retina.

High Country Macula surgeons have more than 50 years of combined Vitreoretinal surgical experience. Our support staff consists predominantly of Certified Ophthalmic Technicians, Certified Ophthalmic Assistants, and expertly trained Color Photographers. We stand ready to provide you with the finest Vitreoretinal expertise available.

Always Retina, Only Retina. This is caring.

While practicing at the leading edge of Vitreoretinal care as a dedicated Retina-only practice, High Country Macula has more ancillary staff per patient than other practices in the region. And because we schedule fewer patients throughout the day, we have more time to educate you and your loved ones, and to discuss your various concerns. Our physician/patient interaction is authentic, and when indicated, we provide immediate treatment and emergency surgeries. Your outcome is our ultimate concern.

We are honored to assist you in your quest to preserve and restore your vision, and to maintain the quality of life you deserve. Thank you for considering us, and welcome to High Country Macula.